Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Camping at Farish

**WARNING: Picture overload**
Well, we have found probably the best place to camp ever. Well, maybe not ever, but it was pretty stinking amazing for the night we were there for a church camp out. We got a bit of a late start, and almost turned back because of screaming toddlers and tired parents, but we pressed on and got up to camp with just enough light to pitch our tent.
 The girls were really excited about sleeping in the tent, and went down for us pretty easy. We foolishly thought we were good for the night. We took a quick moonlit stroll down to the lake, and came back probably five minutes later to an open tent flap and a crying Natalie who was scared of all the 'endangered animals'. Kate was just up boppin around in there, oblivious to the obvious danger. We decided to turn in for the night too and got the girls back in their sleeping bags. Kate LOVED the idea of sleeping right next to momma and was chattering for about a half an hour. At one point she was talking about being a baby and I told her I was going to throw her out with the bathwater if she didn't go to sleep. That backfired. She kept saying 'don't throw me out with the bathwater mom!' at random intervals until she fell asleep. 
 If ever this hashtag was relevant, it would be here #campinghairdontcare

The next morning we went for a little pre-breakfast constitutional.

Geez Air Force, you think you could send us somewhere pretty next time?

Everyone else was fishing, so naturally my girls wanted to join the fun. Matt told them we didn't have poles, so Natalie said 'That's okay, we'll use these sticks!'. After two minutes of hitting the water, they were pretty disappointed they hadn't caught anything yet. 
And a few hunger related break downs:
After some food and a quick nap for Johnny, we played until we had to leave for the next group to take our site. 
And no, that is not my children eating chips off the group, why do you ask?
We had so much fun!


Em and Russ said...

I LOVED this post, it was hilarious and beautiful!!!!!


Hillary said...

Your kids are SO cute.