Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Natalie Stories

She gave her first Primary(kid sunday school) talk a few weeks ago. She was repeating everything Matt was saying about Jesus and the miracle of the bread and fishes, but when he said 'The baskets of food were passed around the crowd' Natalie added 'And they all had a picnic!!'
We were getting ready to go to church and hustling all the kids into the car and Natalie was just sitting on the steps pretending to be a tiger. Matt told her to hurry up and get in her seat and she said 'I can't, my legs are crossed'. We said something about uncrossing them while we put our other two in the car. After much insistence that she couldn't get in because her legs were crossed Matt picked her up and as he was about to buckle her in she started to tear up and said 'Dad, I just have to go to the bathroom!'. Apparently, crossed legs in a tiger is code for 'I need the little girls room'

 Matt sings Kate a song about baby beluga whales, but instead of saying 'baby beluga in the deep blue sea' he says 'Katie beluga'. Natalie seems to think this is her full name. One day I heard her say to Kate very seriously 'Katie beluga of the deep blue sea, do you love Jesus?'
We lost our receipt at Costco the other day. Don't do that. The only difference between being trapped in Costco, and being trapped in Alcatraz is that if you were stuck at Alcatraz you did something worse than lose your stinkin receipt in the madness that is feeding three small kids in the Costco food court. Anyways, Matt and I were joking about it after our twenty minutes of detainment and then Natalie said, "hey guys, remember me?" Matt and I looked each other and said she didn't look familiar, the she proclaimed "I'm Natalie! The new, free girl!"

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April said...

Ha ha i love those stories. Your kids just crack me up. I love them